Birthday messages should be just as fun to send as they are to receive! If you want your birthday message to stand out from the boring happy birthday wishes and desire an AWW reaction, then, our list of unique, funny, and cute birthday wishes is perfect for you! Use our birthday wishes to brighten someone’s special day and show that you care! Pick up the most appealing birthday message from our growing list of cake day greetings and make your loved one’s Happy Birthday special.

Live your life with smiles, not tears. Beat your age with friends and not years. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. I pray all your birthday wishes to come true.

Here is a wish for your birthday. May you receive whatever you ask for, may you find whatever you seek. Happy birthday,

And yet another adventurous year awaits you, and to celebrate your birthday, I wish you a king’s pomp and splendor.

Hold Tight!!! Your life is about to blast into the stratosphere. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3. 2 1 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! P.S. don’t forget your seatbelt.

This birthday I wish you and your family abundance, happiness, and health. May lady luck come especially for the birthday boy/girl

May you receive the greatest of joys and everlasting bliss. You are a gift yourself, and you deserve the best of everything. Happy birthday.

Do not count the candles, but see the light they give. Don’t count your years but the life you live. Happy Birthday.

Forget the past; it is gone. Do not think of the future; it has not come. But live in the present because it’s a gift and that’s why it’s called the present. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! Remember that the best is yet to come.

You are the sweetest person I know, and this birthday is a fresh beginning. I wish you confidence, courage, and capability. Happy birthday.

Your birthday has come around after 365 days. That’s a pretty long time. Deal with the pressure because that how diamonds are made. Happy birthday.

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Be happy, for today; you were born to bring blessings and inspiration to all. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, bud. Enjoy your Facebook wall filled with messages from people you don’t talk to.

You are older than you were yesterday, but don’t worry; you are younger than you will be tomorrow. Happy birthday.

Let go of the past; it can’t be changed. Let go of the future; no one can predict it. Also, forget about the present. I did not get you one. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday wishes for Brother

Finally, you are now one step closer to your big boy pants.

Happy birthday to the only person whose birthday I remember without the help of a Facebook notification.

Happy birthday. You don’t look that old, but then neither do you look that young.

Happy birthday to you. You are smart, funny, and fabulous, just like me!

Don’t get weirded out about growing older. Our age is actually the number of years the earth has been enjoying us.

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As one gets older, three things happen. One, your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two. Happy Birthday.

You are young only once in life, but immaturity is forever. Happy birthday.

I thought I would bring a celebrity along with me to your party, but then I thought of a better option, M.E.

Happy birthday to my evergreen, forever young partner in crime.

Is one year older? Another opportunity to dress up like you are ten years younger. Happy Birthday!

It is my superiority complex that has made me wish you for your birthday so early. Now I can strut about and tell all your other well-wishers that I was the first!

Another you older, another year wiser. Happy birthday.

Let the kids at your party ask you about your age. While they try to count that high, you can steal a bite of their cake! Happy Birthday..

All of us wish you a day filled with happiness and a joyous year ahead. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday wishes for friend

I am sending you good vibes and smiles for every second of your special day. Have a fantastic birthday.

May your birthday be the special day that you receive all you ever desired. Happy birthday.

It’s your birthday!! We wish that whatever you want in life comes to you just the way you imagined it or even better.

“A beautiful flower for a beautiful flower. Happy birthday!”

We wish you a beautiful life with good health and happiness forever.

Heads up! Catch that smile! It’s from me to you. Happy birthday.

I wish you the very best of life and all it has to offer.

I hope that all your wishes come true. Happy birthday.

I hope your birthday turns out just like you… awesome.

I wish you a birthday as amazing as you are!

You are looking sharp! You wear your birthday better than most!

The world is a better place since you’ve been in it.

Age is just your score on the distinguished people list.

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I am blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Guess what? It is your day today. Go be the king of the world! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, bud. The hangover you will have tomorrow should be worth it.

Happy birthday, tiger!

You make me complete with your giggles my friend, Happy Birthday!

May all the joy you have spread around come back to you a hundred fold. Happy birthday.

Sending you a birthday wish all wrapped up in love. Happy Birthday

It is a tradition to send birthday wishes and to celebrate the occasion. Some enjoy all-out parties, while some gather a bunch of close friends and soak up the sun in their backyard. Whatever your choice is, it feels lovely to receive birthday wishes. Select here are 50 of the very best birthday wishes for your friends and family. Give your birthday message a hearty dose of good vibes with these inspirational happy birthday messages. You can also use birthday group cards for your loved ones…