Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend: Quotes and Messages

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend: How do you know that you are a romantic fellow? Well, change your total attitude towards your girlfriend. On her birthday do something special to attract her attention. Don’t just wish your girlfriend in a plain way that others do. Be creative. Don’t stand in the big crowd. While wishing your girlfriend pour your entire heart out. Startle her with romantic quotes and post them on her Facebook account. Let the entire world know your love for your girlfriend! Use social media platforms for this purpose.  Write juicy wish messages for your girlfriend. Do crazy things for her. Reciprocate your love for her. Respect her and show your gratitude for supporting you in your days of gloom.

Promise to her that you will stay with her until your last breath. You can buy expensive gifts for her or buy her the gifts which she longed for years. Order for her a custom-made cake with her name inscribed on it. If you are creative say you love sculpting or painting then try to sculpt her image or paint her picture and gift it to her.

  • I wish to you that may God shower all his blessings to you on your birthday. Happy birth my love!
  • Happy birthday to the woman who is a very important part of my life. I wish that may God shower all the happiness and success of the world to you.
  • Whenever I smell your sweet fragrance my world moves upside down! Girl, I need you desperately. Please never leave me alone! Let me wish you a very good happy birthday.
  • I wish that may God bless you with all of the lustful desires of your heart and bless you to keep the many blessings that you already have. Happy Birthday, dear!
  • Tear and rapture my heart, you will find that you are located in a very safe location. I loved you before, I love you now and I will love you till my last breath. Happy birthday, darling.
  • The thing I adore most about you, is that glow you have in your eyes, that happiness in your smile, that kindness in your heart that is hotter than a fire. Happy birthday my love.
  • Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend: you are not only my love but my best friend, philosopher, and guide. I wish you all the best of your day.
  • You are the awesome girlfriend in the whole world. I just want to say thank you for supporting me for so many years. We are going to have an amazing time together as I am your slave forever! Happy birthday my life.
  • Whenever I see your lovely face, I fall in love with you yet again! Happy birthday to my sweet girlfriend! Thank you for believing me for all those years.
  • Yes, you are the love of my life. You are a great inspiration to me. You are the one who guided me to success. Please stay always with me! Happy birthday my love.
  • Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend: is a very good tool to enhance romanticism with your girlfriend. Happy birthday to you my love!
  • I wish to God that you may receive all the love and affection of the world that I have been receiving from you! All the best for your birthday.
  • You are certainly the best thing that ever happened to me! I love you my love from a core of my heart. I promise you that I will forever stay loyal to you. Happy birthday.
  • I never thought that one day I can feel this way, but my love for you is endless like the sky. I know you share similar feelings towards me. You are so precious to me, happy birthday!
  • On your birthday, my life, I want to thank you for making my world really amazing just by being yourself! I adore your lovely kisses! Anyway, happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my sweet lovely girlfriend. You are certainly the best gift from God that I received. Thank you for making my life sunny and bright. Happy birthday.
  • Dear my life, I wish you all the best for your birthday and I promise that I will do everything to make you happy. I will fill your life with plenty of affection and Kisses!
  •  Thank God for giving me an opportunity to meet someone like you. I have been so happy since then. Happy Birthday to the most awesome girlfriend in the world!
  • This is going to be a birthday that you will always remember. This is the last birthday of your virgin life. Happy birthday to the best girlfriend in the world.
  • The best part of my life is having you as my best friend. I am very much honored to be romantically linked to you! Happy Birthday, Darling.
  • The thing I love most about you, is that glow you have in your eye, that divineness in your smile, that kindness in your heart that burns hotter than a fire. Happy birthday my love.
  • To my beautiful girlfriend who has shown me what the meaning of love and who makes every day a dream come true, Happy Birthday!  Damn proud to call you mine. I wish that you are forever mine.
  • I bet you that most men are mad for your lovely eyes. Happy Birthday to the thief who has stolen my heart!
  • Thank you for choosing me as your boyfriend. This is certainly a proud moment for me! Thanks for giving me all the happiness of the world! Happy birthday dear!
  • Sweetheart, it is your birthday, I have a question for you? Will you become mine on this special day? Please walk into my life. Happy birthday my love!
  • Each time we go somewhere, everyone is turning around to look at that beautiful lady walking right beside me. I really feel proud to be your boyfriend. I love you, happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the happiness of my life of my life. Thank you for walking into my life!
  • Our love started in the eyes, developed in the heart and ended in the lips. Happy birthday to you.
  • When I look at your mesmerizing eyes, I am totally spellbound and hypnotized. Happy birthday my love!
  • When I face any encumbrances, I tend to fall for it. But divine smile has given me the inspiration to withstand this. And to my surprise I subdue it. Happy birthday!
  • I consider myself very lucky because God has sent an angel for me to guide my life in form of my girlfriend. Happy birthday to you!
  • Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend: dear my girlfriend you are not anything less than a superstar. You make me proud of the masses. A very good happy birthday to you.
  • Life is not a bed of roses for everyone. But your sweet love and elegant touch have subdued the rough side of life too much extent! Wishing You a Warm Happy birthday to you.
  • May the stars bless you today and forever. The wonderful birthday to the most intelligent girl in the universe!
  • I promise that you will have the best time of your life on your birthday. You have given love to everyone, now it is your turn to receive love from everyone. Anyway, happy birthday.
  • Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend: I wish to god that he takes away half of my happiness and gives you all the good kinds of stuff in life. I wish my dear girlfriend, a very good happy birthday.
  • God has been too kind to me by sending you in my life. To show my appreciation for such a blessing, I promise to be your side till my last breathe.
  • I never thought I will meet you in this passion. You loved me, inspired me and cuddled me but I have only one complaint about life! Why did I get you so late? Anyway happy birthday, dear!
  • I love you from the core of my heart my life! Let me wish you a very warm happy birthday! Love you always my heart!
  • Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend: I never thought that I will get a girlfriend like you. You are not an only best friend but also my guardian! Happy birthday on your special day.

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend is a social norm to follow and boys should follow it. Most of the girlfriends wait eagerly for this day! They expect their boyfriends to remember this day and wish them. They think that this gives them importance! You don’t have to buy a diamond set for your girlfriend; just gift them any valuable according to your financial status. Alternatively, use your Facebook timeline to wish her or send her good tweets for her birthday.

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