Sending a retirement greeting is a great way to support and honor someone who is retiring. A handwritten retirement letter attached to a bouquet of flowers will mean the world to them, whether it’s a close coworker you’ve watched develop over the years or a colleague who’s shared their experience with you at every turn. Inform your supervisor or coworker that you have liked working with them if they are retiring. Even if you don’t know them well, a kind message and a modest gift like a retirement card may go a long way! (Retirement Messages to Coworkers)

Here are some messages that can help you express your sentiments if you’re still looking for the proper words to go with a retirement card for a coworker. There are alternatives for all the important individuals in your life, ranging from lighthearted Retirement Messages to Coworkers to more somber and sincere ones. 

  • Having someone like you as a coworker has been no less than a gift. Wishing you a wonderful retired life ahead!! You will be missed but never forgotten.
  • You are the kind of person that brings out the best in others! Thank you for everything you did. Wishing you a life full of success and happiness.
  • You will be missed here. I pray for your happy and healthy life ahead.
  • Best wishes to my dear colleague. May you have a blessed retired life.
  • You’ve always worked so hard at the office; now it’s time to relax and enjoy your retirement. Good luck and farewell.
  • Retirement doesn’t mean losing your opportunities to do something. Retirement means doing all those things you couldn’t do because of work. Enjoy your time and do whatever you like.
  • Best wishes for your retirement. I wish you a blessed life during the days of rest and leisure.
  • It has been an absolute delight to work with you. You’ve always inspired me to work hard. I wish you the best of luck in your retirement.
  • You’ve worked really hard your entire life; now is the time to relax and rest. Best wishes for your retirement.
  • I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with you before you retired. I bid you farewell. Have a pleasant retirement.
  • Greetings on your retirement to one of the greatest employees here! 
  • You are the epitome of diligence and hope. I appreciate how much fun you bring to the workplace. You are missed by us. 
  • I hope you have a prosperous and long retirement! 
  • Best wishes for your next journey!
  • Your life stage has been upgraded to retirement! Congrats!

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  • Your new KPIs are happiness return and investment in leisure. Enjoy your retirement! 
  • I’m sorry to see you depart but wish you the best in your upcoming stage of life to one of the greatest employees our office has ever had! 
  • I’m happy for your retirement! I wish you countless hours spent with your loved ones.
  • I appreciate all of your effort and commitment. I’m happy for your retirement! 
  • You’re suddenly your own boss, congratulations! 
  • I’ve been motivated by you to never lose my enthusiasm. A coworker like you is priceless. Happy retirement—you earned it! 
  • Enjoy your retirement! We will miss you but we won’t ever forget you! 
  • Your new quarterly objective: stay away from anything that looks like labor! I’m happy for your retirement! 
  • It will be a success if you put as much effort into enjoying your retirement as you have into working for this corporation. 
  • Even if you’re retired, you shouldn’t stop taking coffee breaks. Schedule a time for me, please!

General Retirement Messages To Coworkers 

Learn how to say goodbye to a coworker when they are going to retire. It’s a big step in their life! A retirement card is used to convey messages of appreciation, congratulations, and well wishes. After learning about a coworker’s retirement, you may want to express your gratitude for their work by sending them a retirement card. Depending on your relationship with your coworker, your message may include anything from a fond memory to a general farewell.

If you’ve met the employee but haven’t had a lot of interaction with them, general communications are frequently great choices. Here are 20 phrases you might use to wish a coworker well in the coworker’s retirement card:

  • Congratulations on your successful career and retirement! 
  • Enjoy your retirement! You will be missed at work, I’m sure! 
  • We’re happy for you today! I’m happy for your retirement! 
  • I wish you and your family the best. Enjoy your retirement! 
  • Best wishes to the retiree! I wish you a wonderful retirement! 
  • Congratulations! Good luck with your well-earned retirement! 
  • You’ve put in a lot of effort throughout the years. You merit a break from work and some downtime. Embrace it! 
  • Congratulations! Enjoy every second of your retirement, we hope! 
  • Salutations for your second act! May it surpass the first in outstanding quality.
  • I’m happy for your retirement! I’m really glad we collaborated! 
  • Greetings on a successful career. Best wishes for a happy retirement to you!
  • I appreciate all of your efforts. You are missed by us. Enjoy your retirement! 
  • Enjoy this new phase of your life and cherish every second of this time. Enjoy your retirement! 
  • I wish you a retirement filled with joy, love, and health. 
  • I’m happy about your retirement. Wishing you luck as you start this new path.

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  • We are really pleased with you! I appreciate your commitment to our business. 
  • I’m happy about your retirement. Now take advantage of your retirement! 
  • It’s unbelievable that you’re retiring. Many congratulations! 
  • To you retiring as a person who gave their best, cheers! May this year be the most successful and rewarding of your life. Enjoy! 
  • I appreciate how great of a work colleague and friend you are. 
  • Even though I won’t have you as a coworker anymore, I’m happy that you’ll still be my buddy. Enjoy your retirement!

Coworker Appreciation Messages For Retirement 

If you were a member of the same department or team, you may compose these kinds of communications. Here are a few retirement phrases for a colleague you may include in a retirement card to show respect for a colleague:

  • Commemorating your 35 years of outstanding service to our team and the legacy of grit and dedication you leave behind. 
  • You are a real professional who exemplifies the idea that striving for perfection every day is important. I am certain that you will continue to motivate others around you to strive for greater things once you retire. 
  • We like what you did. Now, go do whatever you love. 
  • I’m happy about your retirement! May you have more of what you like in the future and less of what you don’t! 
  • Happy retirement and best of luck with all of your new prospects! 
  • Your life’s sacrifices have all been fruitful and successful. Make use of the advantages of having unlimited time.
  • It’s only right for you to help others in the world after everything you’ve done for us! Greetings for your next undertakings. 
  • As you go in life, I wish you happiness, health, and prosperity. I appreciate how wonderful of a coworker and friend you are. 
  • We shall miss your strong work ethic and wonderful attitude! May the upcoming chapter of your story be everything you hope it will be. 
  • May your future endeavors bring you as much happiness and contentment as you did for us! 
  • I’m happy about your retirement. After years of hard effort, you deserve it! I hope you’ll keep leading a happy life. 
  • You have accomplished a great deal during the years that you have been with the company.
  • Your efforts, commitment, and successes might never be equaled. I appreciate all you have done for this business. 

Funny Birthday Wishes For Coworkers

  • Sincere congratulations on all the effort you put in leading up to this retirement are what I would want to send your way. You merit it. 
  • Congratulations! I appreciate your commitment throughout the last 40 years. I hope you allow yourself enough time to investigate every opportunity you’ve ever wanted to take. 
  • I appreciate your optimism, diligence, and help. Without you, the workplace won’t be the same. You will be missed! 
  • As much as we have liked having you here, we hope you have a wonderful future filled with plenty of time to pursue your interests, friends, and family. Happy retirement, sir.
  • Congratulations on reaching retirement and thank you for your amazing years of labor to get there. 
  • It’s good to see someone retire who has earned it. Do not forget to invest the same amount of time and effort into your leisure as you do in your profession. 
  • I appreciate all of your effort and commitment. Without you, the accounting team won’t be the same.

Funny Retirement Messages To Coworkers 

If you know the recipient well and believe they would enjoy it, a witty and funny retirement card is preferable. Here are some funny retirement messages you may include in a retirement card for a colleague:

  • The only true justification you’ll ever have for blowing up your whole life’s money is retirement. A wonderful time! 
  • You’re ending your career! While I can be envious, my true feelings are ones of joy. Congrats! 
  • I sincerely hope you enjoy writing your upcoming chapter! Do not, however, make it dull for the readers! Enjoy your retirement! 
  • Early meetings are over; welcome early bird discounts! Have fun in retirement! 
  • Happy retirement, sir! Where will we be going first, then? 
  • Are you certain that you are of retirement age? I have my doubts. Congratulations! 
  • Observe 9 a.m. conferences and reports Now is your time to stop thinking about them. Actually, simply ignore them completely! Enjoy your retirement! 
  • I’m happy about your retirement! Just keep in mind that you may always contact us or resume your job.
  • What do you call someone on a Monday who is content? Retired. Congratulations! 
  • Greetings for a happy retirement. Here’s to spending time with your grandchildren rather than attending meetings and presentations. 
  • Enjoy your retirement—it’s an unending holiday! Congrats! 
  • Congratulations! You retired before I did! I’ll try not to harbor resentment. 
  • Retirement entails a stress-free, jobless existence. Congratulations! 
  • There are now three of your best buddies! Television and Couch are their names. During your retirement, I anticipate you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. 
  • We will miss you terribly. Greetings as you begin your retirement! Anytime you start to get tired of retirement life, feel free to call or come by!
  • Your new responsibility is to make sure you enjoy your retirement. The working hours are flexible, and you are completely in charge of your schedule! 
  • Now that you’ve established yourself and paid your dues, put on your dance shoes! Time to celebrate your retirement! 
  • You have been granted permission by life to unwind. Enjoy your retirement! 
  • Say it with me: senior discount. Take full use of retirement! 
  • It’s time for you to start learning how to brew coffee on your own! I’m happy about your retirement!
  • You are a fantastic employee, and your performance was outstanding. I’m unsure if your capacity for relaxation will be just as fantastic. 
  • One talkative person from our department retires. That probably means both improved productivity and increased boredom. We will definitely miss you. 
  • Greetings on your retirement. Your benefits include sleeping in during working hours and spending weekdays at home. Enjoy your unending freedom. 
  • Friend, we didn’t bargain for your retirement. Who is going to protect me once you leave? 
  • Although we find it difficult to say goodbye, your retirement has one advantage. You won’t work, but you also won’t have to worry about meeting deadlines! Happy sleeping!
  • You’ve been performing one job—brightening the office atmosphere with your unusual encounters—exceptionally well recently. I think you need to publish a book on your travels, especially now that you have so much free time! 
  • The benefit of retiring is that you can work for yourself. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with personnel problems. So, have fun! 
  • Retirement entails having unrestricted access to your life savings. I hope that everything you spend time, money, and energy on will bring you happiness. 
  • Please pack as much excitement as you can before you leave for home! Not having any employment to do during the day or year is difficult. Enjoy your lengthy downtime.
  • You constantly pushed us to perform to the best of our abilities, boss. Without the pressure, I doubt we could do as much. 
  • The ties and jackets are leaving. It’s official: you’re all done working. 
  • Welcome to retirement, where your job is to relax and you set the alarm to plan sleep.
  • Tension is over; pension is here! We would all want to extend our congratulations to a deserving retiree. 
  • I’m happy for your retirement! Unless you wish to switch places with me, you’ll now have more time for sleeping in, fishing, reading, and golfing. 
  • We know you’ll miss the hectic Monday mornings, working late shifts, bad coffee, and demanding boss. Your envious employees are wishing you a happy retirement! 
  • Retirement is the freedom to do nothing without fear of being discovered! Enjoy your newfound independence and congrats! 
  • You aren’t really retired since [insert pastime here, like knitting or golfing] is a full-time job! I’m wishing you success as you begin this new phase of your life. 
  • In retirement, every day feels like the weekend, and before long, you won’t remember the day.
  • We want you to know that your absence from work will be much missed. Sadly, the feelings are not shared. Have fun in retirement! 
  • I hope your retirement is wonderful and that you have plenty of time to do everything on your “to-do” list. 
  • The only true justification you’ll ever have for blowing up your whole life’s money is retirement. Have a wonderful time! 
  • I’ve heard that in retirement, there is never enough time to do all you want to do. But I have no doubt that you’ll seize every chance you have! Having you around will be missed, [boss/manager/supervisor]! Who will we bother now that you’re gone, after all?

Sincere Retirement Messages For Coworkers 

If you and your coworker are close, you can include sincere retirement messages. You could include the following sincere wishes on a retirement card for a colleague:

  • Often, when you think something is over and finished, something greater is just getting started. I’m happy for your retirement! 
  • We appreciate your continued support of our team and your positive attitude. You are missed by us. 
  • We’ll never forget the outstanding job you done for this organization. We value the effort and time you have put in. I’m happy for your retirement. 
  • I truly enjoyed working with you. I’ve always loved the way you can solve any problem, no matter how large or little. 
  • We all agree that you’ve been a fantastic leader, and as you celebrate your retirement, we wish you the very best as you begin this new phase of your life.
  • I appreciate you always putting in a lot of effort, being a good colleague, and being a great friend. Go ahead and relax at this point! 
  • It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I hope your retirement years are wonderful! We will always remember you and miss you. 
  • Working with someone who is so enthusiastic has been an honor. Even though I’ve only known you for a short while, it’s clear that your enthusiasm has benefited our company. 
  • It was a pleasure to work with you. Your effort has had a genuine, long-lasting effect that has improved the neighborhood in a variety of ways. I’m happy for your retirement! 
  • I wish you luck and success! I can’t wait to see what amazing initiatives you do next.
  • I’ll miss you and your upbeat demeanor at work, but I wish you the best of luck in your retirement! I appreciate all you have done. 
  • I hope your retirement is filled with happy moments, excellent health, and wonderful companions. 
  • Congratulations on your retirement and my love. 
  • We’ll miss you. However, now is the ideal time for you. I sincerely hope you enjoy your retirement, and I wish you many joyful hours with your loved ones. 
  • Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. I appreciate everything. 
  • Without you, the workplace won’t be the same. We’ll miss you every day. 
  • I’m grateful that you’re a friend, mentor, and one of the hardest workers I know. Cheers to retirement! 
  • Without them, I cannot imagine working here.
  • Greetings on your retirement choice! I’ll miss seeing you every day, but I hope your retirement is filled with unending love and joy. Without you, this area just won’t be the same. Already missing you! 
  • Although I’m sorry to see you go, I’m glad you have a lot of fun in store for you. Maintain contact and relish your retirement!

The Takeaway 

It may only require a brief note of congratulations on the retiree’s well-earned retirement. A succinct, straightforward letter may be a powerful approach to wishing a friend or coworker a happy retirement to coworker. You may send your coworker retirement wishes for good health, happiness, and congratulations on their outstanding accomplishment with only a few lines. If you’re stumped for ideas, a straightforward congratulatory letter is a good choice.

Because so many individuals design retirement group cards for friends and coworkers every day using Sendwishonline has the advantage of having some extra insight into what makes a wish for a happy retirement truly special.

It’s a sentimental period and a friendship of a long time is about to change its course. But let’s not make our colleagues cry on their last day. Use our funny retirement ecards and give them a huge smile to take away as a gift.

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